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So us girls were sitting around talking about what we wanted to say in the blog for Our Father's Chat. The possibilities are endless. We can spend hours just talking about all of the opportunities the Internet has provided for us to reach people and help them intersect with God. Where do we even start? The light bulb popped on and we knew – it doesn't matter where we start. What matters is that we do start.

So let's conversate, folks. What are we afraid of, anyway? We want to make this blog a safe place to talk about the thoughts and questions people have about God and Christianity. It would be nice if we could keep it civil, though. Dude, seriously. Don't be a hater. If you don't agree, we respect that. All we ask is that you return that respect when voicing any opposing views.

So as we open up the dialogue, let's ask this: Who is God and do I recognize his impact on my life?

There's a story about a man who was trapped in his house as flood waters were rising throughout his town. His neighbor stopped by and offered him a ride to safety, but the man turned him down saying, "No, I'm waiting for God to save me." He prayed to God for help and as the flood waters continued to rise, he climbed out onto his roof. Another neighbor in a boat came by and offered him a ride, but again he said, "No, I'm waiting for God to save me." It wasn't too long before a helicopter flew overhead and tried to lower a ladder down to him so he could be saved. The man waved the helicopter away, wanting them to get out of the way so that God could save him.

Well, even if you haven't heard this story, by now you can see where this is going. The man was swept away by the flood waters and his body was found days later. When he arrived in heaven, he asked God, "Why didn't you save me? I had complete faith in you." God's answer? "I sent you a truck, a boat, and a helicopter. What more did you want?"

It's a little bit over the top, but aren't we like this in our lives sometimes? We look around at our lives and think God isn't there and that he doesn't care about our problems. We think he doesn't talk to us and that we can't hear him. But is it possible he's been there all along and we just didn't recognize it?

What do you think?

Marla Cardenas

Lesli Berry

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