Pastor Duane E. Lowe
New Life Fellowship
Universal City, TX

New Life Fellowship has been honored to form a relationship with the Our Father’s Chat team in reaching our community. I firmly believe that live chat is the future of New Life Fellowship’s service to our city. God has given our ministry team a mandate to open our arms wider to those he brings to us, and Our Father’s Chat has given us more options to do just that.

I have to admit that I didn’t understand exactly how live chat would fit into the vision and core values of New Life Fellowship when Marla first approached us. I had many questions about how a group of chat agents could possibly be an extension of who we are as a church family. How would they know how to say what we say? As it turns out, that was the beauty of the relationship between New Life Fellowship and Our Father’s Chat.

The chat team truly is a voice of New Life Fellowship and consistently projects our vision. They are considerate of those who are hurting. They are taking prayers that we pray every day and praying them over chat. God works through that channel. I am wowed by that! No matter what time of day or night, people are prayed with and their lives are being touched by God. I didn’t know this was possible. I am humbled by the truly generous hearts of the Our Father’s Chat team and their care towards those who need God.

As our relationship has grown deeper, it’s been a relief to realize how much of a help this service has really been to our ministry team. It has taken so much work off of my plate. I don’t understand IT and the social media aspect of our world today, and I am thankful for the gifted sons and daughters of God who are skilled and working in that vein. Marla is talented and passionate about live chat and the systems they can put in place for our administrative team. It’s exciting to me that a group of people will come alongside us and help us pursue our vision, our mission, and work together to become more efficient in the work of the Kingdom.

Our church is located right across from Randolph Air Force Base and one of the surprising results of this live chat service has been ministering to those who have been stationed in other parts of our world. When they realize they are about to be relocated to the Universal City area, they can click on our website and chat with someone about who we are, what kind of atmosphere we have, what we believe, and what they can expect when they come to our facility. What a comfort to them to already have a familiar group of people waiting for their arrival!

Our daycare center has also been blessed by this service. Our staff has expressed that seeing the correspondence in the chat transcripts is a blessing. It’s one thing to have people who are trying to do it right, but this team really knows what they’re doing. It’s a blessing to watch it. The director of our daycare told me that he looks at the chats and says, “Oh, they did my job already. I’m good to go.”

I am still hearing from God about the many ways the services Our Father’s Chat offers can be used in serving our community. I know that this has the potential to reach the world, and if God chooses to use our church body for that, we are willing. I am just so happy with what God is doing right here in this city in which we live, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of His plans. It will be a humbling experience to serve those He brings to us.


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